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Special Warning of the Law on Entry and Exit Administration of PRC

UpLoadDate:2016-03-22               Author:河北医大国际教育学院


1.You need to do the registration at local police station within 24 hours when you enter China, change your house, extend your visa or renew your passport.


2. You need to hand in the materials to the college at least before one month for VISA EXTENSION. (copy passport front page, entrance stamp page, visa page, medical report copy both sides, tuition fee receipt copy, registration note, admission letter copy, 1 photo). Those who cannot submit visa extension materials one week before visa validity for personal reasons will be given expulsion after the warning of college.


3. You need to apply for new passport one year before the validity. You should get the new passport from your embassy with a certificate to prove the collection date. Then within 10 days you need to finish the registration at local police station and do the changing procedure at visa office. If exceeded you will pay the fine according to Chinese law.


4. You can not extend your visa if the passport validity is less than 6 month.