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Application Information of Bachelor’s Degree

UpLoadDate:2017-10-09               Author:International Education College of HeBei Medical University


1.1Clinical Medicine(MBBS):

Duaration: 6years.

Teaching language:the first to fifth year use English in the class. In the sixth year, Chineseused by hospital internship.

Language requirement: The Chinese language proficiency is required to pass the HSK level4 or above in the fourth year. The Chinese be used to talk with patient duringhospital internship.

Graduation: Inaccordance with the provisions, after completed the studies and qualified test,bachelor’s degree in medicine would be awarded.

1.2 Clinicalmedicine(Chinese), Stomatology:

Duaration: 5 years. The classroom teaching is fromfirst to fourth year, the fifth year is hospital internship.

Language requirement: The Chinese language proficiencyof students must have HSK level 4 or above when they entrance university andthey must pass HSK level 5 in the fourth year.

Graduation: In accordance with the provisions, after completedthe studies and qualified test, bachelor’s degree in medicine would be awarded.


2.Application requirements

a)      The age requirement: between 18 to 25 years old.

b)      Be ingood Health. Conform with the relevant condition for enrolling.

c)      Abide by the laws and regulations of china, comply with the university disciplines.

d)      Graduated from high school or high school or above. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of High school curriculum result measure up our school’s admission criteria.

e)      Requirementfor English:

Students from English-speakingcountries are test-free.

Students from English-speakingcountries are test-free if they can submit English-speaking certification. Thestudent who is not conform with test-free needs submit the mark of TOEFL(90),ITEL (6.5)or past the test after enter school.


3.Application Information

a)    ApplicationPeriod: From April 1st to July 31st

b)   Tel:86-311-86261251

c)    ApplicationMaterials. (submit the materials to International Education College Office, seethe contact information below)

 i.    HebeiMedical University Application Form and Statement

 ii.    Notarizedhighest diploma and mark list(photocopy)

 iii.   one copy of Passport

 iv.   Themark sheet of TOEFL , ITEL or test-free certification

 v.    Thephysical examination certificate with other necessary medical report (hepatitisb, HIV, tuberculosis), which are given by hospital designated by the Chineseembassy. The student who is suffering in chronic disease or genetic diseasesmust declare         actively.

 vi.   NoCriminal Activity Certificate (within 6 months) given by the police station.

 vii.  Evidenceof economic condition and on time payment commitments.

 d)    Checkdocument and application fees: After your application materials were checkedand verified, you will get admission note. The applicant finish paying theapplication fees, we will apply JW202 form for you.


4.Enrollment and registration

The matriculate will get theletter of admission and the application form of JW202.You should go to Chineseembassy to apply X visa with these materials.

Registrationtime : Please registeraccording to the stipulated time of admission note. If you don’t registerwithin two weeks without valid reason, it will be regarded as automaticwithdrawal, and your offer will be canceled.


5.Miscellaneousfee (Tuition ,book ,registration,hostel,insurance)




Registration fee



Tuition fee


25000yuan/year(other course)


Book fee

Collect by cost


Insurance fee



Other fees

Collect by cost


AccommodationPlace:Hebei MedicalUniversity international student dormitory

Room typeCost(yuan)Remarks
Double Room5000yuan/bed/year
Triple Room4000yuan/bed/year

Remarks: all of the fees will besettled by Renminbi (yuan).

All of the fees can neither be returnednor transferred after the registration have be done.



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