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International Student Government Scholarship Application Guide of Hebei Medical University

UpLoadDate:2016-09-20               Author:International Education College of HeBei Medical University

    This scholarship for the students from all of the countries,like outstanding students of developed countries of European and American,recommend students of cooperation colleges. The excellent students from thewell-known university can be given priority to consider.

1. Recruit profession,system and degree

(1) Open website of Hebei Medical University for checking recruitprofession


(2) Postgraduate duaration is 3 years.

(3) Teaching language: Chinese, English.

(4) Course schedule: the classroom teaching is in the first term.After that, the following tasks are arranged, including the clinical study andresearch, and thesis writing the supervisor. The thesis defense is held in thelast two months.

(5)  Language requirement: the Chinese language proficiencyof the students taught in Chinese medium upon enrollment requires to beequivalent to HSK level 5 or above. The English language proficiency of thestudents taught in English are required to pass the HSK level 3 or above in thesecond year.


2. Apply qualification

(1) The age requirement: between 18 to 40 years old.

(2) Be in good Health. Conform with the relevant condition forenrolling.

(3) Abide by the laws and regulations of china, comply with theuniversity disciplines.

(4) Apply for master course: undergraduates with bachelor’s degreeand academic records above average.

Apply for doctor course: postgraduates with master’s degree andacademic records above average.

(5) Requirement for English:

Students from English-speaking countries are test-free.

The student who is not conform with test-free needs submit themark of TOEFL, ITEL or past the test after enter school.


3. Application method and time

Application method one: submit application togovernment of own country

Time: generally between January and early April

(1) Applicant consult inquire to the dispatching authorities foroversea study in their home country for the details and requirements ofBilateral program and submit the application as required.

(2) Once recommended by the dispatching authorities, candidatesshall contact our university  for Admission Letter.

(3) Recommended candidates must finish the online applicationprocedure at CSCOnline Application System for International Students.Please go to andclick ApplicationOnline for International Students (university cord10089), completethe required information, submit the complete ApplicationForm For Chinese Government Scholarship onlineand print a hard copy.

(4) A package of complete application documents must be submittedto the dispatching authorities in their home countries before the deadline.


Please NOTICE CSC does not accept any individual application otherthan the recommended applications from the dispatching authorities. Applicantsshould consult the dispatching authorities for oversea study in their homecountry for the instructions of CSC Online Application System for InternationalStudents for International Students and Agency Number.


Application method two: submit application toHebei Medical University (PhDonly)

Time: generally between early January and late March

(1) Applicant consult inquire to the dispatching authorities foroversea study in their home country for the details and requirements ofBilateral program and submit the application as required.

(2) A package of complete application documents must be submittedto Hebei Medical University International Education College before late ofMarch. (Please check Application Document for the detailed checklist.)

a) Application Form For Chinese Government Scholarship

b) Notarized highest diploma and mark list(photocopy):documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached withnotarized English translations.

c) A study plan or research proposal in Chinese or English.

d) Two letter of recommendation in Chinese or English fromprofessors or associate professors.

e) The physical examination certificate and blood-testreport(photocopy): hepatitis b, HIV, tuberculosis

(3) Director of admissions will review the application documentsand decide the nominated candidates.

(4) The Application documents of candidates will be reviewed bygraduate advisor from relevant discipline and decide the result. We will sendthe Admission note and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201).

(5) The Application documents of student who has been chosen willbe sent from our university to Education Department of Hebei Province.

(6) Education Department of Hebei Province will admit the bestexaminee and report to Education Department of China. After that, the finalresult will be decided.

(7) Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201) and AdmissionLetter will be sent from our university. Applicant should take the twodocuments to Chinese embassy to apply X visa.


4. Post address

Address: NO.361 Zhongshan East Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province,China

              Hebei Medical University international Colleage

               Postcord: 050017

              Phone number: 86-311-86261251

              Fax: 86-311-86261249